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Mitch Tobin, the editor of SnowSlang.com, is a communications consultant, multimedia storyteller, and avid skier/snowboarder. After working as a reporter at the Napa Valley Register, Tucson Citizen, and Arizona Daily Star, Mitch was communications director at California Environmental Associates and then started Sea to Snow LLC to provide consulting services to a variety of clients. He graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s in Ethics, Politics and Economics and earned a master’s in political science from U.C. Berkeley. Follow Mitch on Twitter @mitchtobin

Zorb death is tragic reminder: watch your fall line!

Zorb death video is tragic reminder: watch your fall line! I'll admit it's a struggle to find skiing and snowboarding slang that begins with "z," so this entry may be a stretch. But I think zorb deserves inclusion due to the infamous zorb death video from a Russian ski resort. First things first: A zorb is [...]

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Avalanche probe: gear you hope to never use for real

What is an avalanche probe? An avalanche probe is a rod that's used to poke through avalanche debris in order to find a buried victim. Resembling a collapsible pole for erecting a tent, an avalanche probe is what rescuers use to search for someone beneath the snow, hopefully after they've quickly located the person by sight [...]

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What is a powder day clause and why do you need one?

What is a powder day clause and why do you need one? A powder day clause is an element of one's work arrangement, either formal, implied, or secret, in which the party is entitled to blow off their job and go skiing when there's fresh powder. Common in ski towns and among ski bums, it's [...]

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Snow cornice: beautiful but potentially deadly

What is a snow cornice? From the Italian word for "ledge," a cornice is a mass of overhanging ice or snow, typically found on a ridgetop or edge of a cirque. A snow cornice is both a launching pad for hucking jumps and a potentially deadly avalanche risk if the formation collapses underfoot.   Cornice etymology If you're [...]

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Balaclava: essential winter gear since the Crimean War

Balaclava: essential winter gear since the Crimean War I view the balaclava as must-have gear for cold-weather skiing and snowboarding. I just wish the name didn't always remind me of baklava, that delicious Greek dessert with phyllo dough! A balaclava is a snug garment worn over the head and neck, often with holes cut out for the eyes, nose, and [...]

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Welcome to SnowSlang!

What is SnowSlang.com? SnowSlang is your source for ski terms and snowboarding jargon. This multimedia glossary of the slang and terminology used by skiers and snowboarders includes tips, photos, videos, and useful resources on the web. The glossary page includes the full list of terms and a short definition. If word or phrase is hyperlinked, that means there's a post [...]

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