Sick day, as in ski sickness (aka Häusler’s disease)

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Alpenglow: fire on the mountain

Alpenglow: fire on the mountain Around sunrise and sunset, mountain peaks will sometimes glow red, orange, even purple, in a gorgeous display of alpine atmospherics. It's called alpenglow and it's one of my favorite parts of being in the high country, no matter the season. Alpenglow, from the German word alpenglühen for "Alp glow", refers specifically [...]

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Graupel, a “supercooled” type of precipitation

What is graupel? Look! Up in the sky! Is it snow? Hail? Sleet? No, you meteorological ignoramus, it's graupel! Of all the types of frozen precipitation that fall from the heavens, graupel is probably the most obscure. The Washington Post calls it "the wintry precipitation you've never heard of." Graupel from a 2013 storm in [...]

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