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skiing quotes No friends on powder days

No friends on a powder day

Forget the posse and ditch your bros: if it’s nuking and you want first tracks, you better remember there are no friends on powder days.

Why I’m launching is a free multimedia newsletter for people who love snow and want to know what’s happening with the American West’s snowpack.

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Face shot: powder nirvana and a staple of ski porn

What is a face shot? A face shot occurs when snow sprays a skier or snowboarder’s face on a powder day. The snow must be deep and light enough (e.g., blower, Champagne Powder®) and the rider must have sufficient speed to elevate the snow to face level. I took the shot above with a GoPro camera attached to the end of my ski pole. I was skiing the Mine Dump trail at Copper Mountain and found the tops of the moguls to be

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